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A Worldwide Network of

Global Security Operations Centers

Connected & Collaborating 24/7/365

Mission: The Security Operations Collaboration Network (SOC-NET) enables multinational corporations to:

  • Share operational intelligence on joint threats to their people and operations globally

  • Share best practices and lessons learned on security operations

  • Collaborate on common challenges.

 Key Elements of the Network:

  • Moving beyond Personal Connections to Real Time Company-to-Company Connectivity to assure 24/7/365 fusion of corporate intelligence and cooperation.

  • Global Focus with Collaborative Approach to Other Local / Domestic Efforts:  SOC-NET actively builds a “network of networks” acknowledging and engaging the many valuable efforts on a local, regional, national and industry level.

  • Confidentiality in a Trusted & Vetted CommunityGiven the sensitive nature of information that may be shared, SOC-NET meetings, communications, and activities follow the Chatham House Rule whereby all organizations are welcomed to take away insights from the interchange with others but there is to be no attribution to individuals or organizations without explicit permission. 

  • Dedicated Support Staff to Assure Ongoing Impact:  NYU INTERCEP leverages its 15 years of experience in collaborating with corporations on operational risks to host, coordinate and support the Network.  As a not-for-profit organization with global operations, INTERCEP uses its ‘neutral ground’ status to convene diverse parties and its proactive support capacity to advance collaborative action on common challenges. 

Membership Activities:

  • Real Time Member-to-Member Intelligence Requests & Best Practice Discussions

  • In-Person Member Meetings quarterly with member input, topical discussions and GSOC tours

  • Member Discussion Web Forums on key challenges and best practices provided on request

  • Interactive Threat Briefings on targeted threats by international experts with member Q&A

  • Incident Conference Calls / Online Meetings convened by members around urgent needs

  • Curated Organizational Contact List for immediate connection to network members with emails and telephone numbers for key staff; validated quarterly

  • Weekly Updates with summaries of best practice exchanges and additional information

  • Informal Gatherings among members for relationship building

  • Best Practice Summaries & Lessons Learned Reporting anonymized from member exchanges

  • Web-based Resource Hub (password access only) for easy access to member contact information as well as  reports, summaries, surveys and references

  • Technology and Vendor Information Exchange providing a database of who uses what technology / vendors and their experience for due diligence efforts.