The Global Alliance for Safety, Security, and Resilience

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Multi-national corporations across a spectrum of industries have come together to create SOC-NET in order to:

  • collaborate globally on the sharing of operational intelligence and

  • share best practices and lessons learned especially with regard to global security operations and GSOC related activities.

The mission statement of SOC-NET is as follows:

The Security Operations Center Network (SOC-NET) has been established to build and foster operational connectivity between Security Operations Centers (SOCs). This mission is supported through providing member SOCs an open intelligence pipeline and an ongoing forum for sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Global Focus for Network with Collaborative Approach to Other More Local / Domestic Efforts:  There are already various existing and very effective collaborative efforts on a local, regional, national or industry basis. SOC-NET does not seek to replicate these, rather to respond to an urgent need to collaborate internationally to address the many gaps that exist in operational intelligence across the globe while still leveraging and engaging with other existing more local efforts.

ConfidentialityGiven the sensitive nature of information that may be shared, SOC-NET meetings, communications, and activities follow the Chatham House Rule whereby all organizations are welcomed to take away insights from the interchange with others but there is to be no attribution to individuals or organizations without explicit permission. 

NYU INTERCEP Hosts, Coordinates & Supports the Network:  The Center leverages its 14 plus years of direct corporate engagement on operational risks as well as its ongoing Global Resilience Network capacity to host, coordinate and support SOC-NET.  As a not-for-profit organization with global operations, NYU INTERCEP uses its ‘neutral ground’ status to convene diverse parties and its proactive support capacity to advance collaborative action on common challenges. 

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