The Global Resilience Network (GRN) is a consortium of leading international corporations and their senior professionals that have formed a trusted network to collaborate on and address operational risks that threaten their global activities.


The Network acknowledges the inter-dependencies of a globalized society and therefore also engages other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors on shared risks. The Network connects:

  • Leading corporations with international operations
  • Cross-national organizations (The United Nations, Interpol and others)
  • Targeted agencies of national governments (national security, law enforcement, public safety, etc.)
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Public-private partnerships, other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and key research experts

What is the core objective of the Network?

The core objective of the Network is to leverage the combined resources of some of the world’s leading global corporations to:

  • Develop concrete solutions and responses to shared risk-related challenges of members, and
  • Enable and integrate more effective communication and collaboration on risks among participating global corporations as well as with other relevant stakeholders (e.g., governments, trans-national entities, critical infrastructure, NGO's and key resource organizations).

What are the primary outputs and activities of the Global Resilience Network?

  • Concrete projects and solutions to member-identified issues:  The GRN leverages the diverse experience and insights of participating corporations, access to key subject matter research and expertise, the ability to convene critical stakeholders in a neutral confidential and academic environment and the proven project management capability of the Center’s staff to develop strategies and solutions.
  • Communication and information sharing on key threats and best practices:  Senior professionals communicate and collaborate regularly both virtually and in person.  A best-in-class global communications and collaboration platform was developed by Network supporters Microsoft, Swan Island Networks, NC4 and Cisco Systems.

Core Activities Of The Global Resilience Network (GRN) 

The first International public-private network of networks in development to connect key organizations across the global operating environment in order to address shared risks.

Communications and virtual forums accessible via web-meeting/video conferencing platform to promote real-time member interaction and sharing of concerns, challenges, insights and lessons learned.

  • Regular web meetings / conference calls on key topics followed by “Current Issues Member Discussions” tapping the insights of subject matter experts and members. 
  • Briefings on urgent and rapidly evolving risks as suggested by members with input from key authorities as appropriate.
  • Shared situational awareness and collaboration forums on current or impending incidents to share preparedness, response and recovery activity among members.
  • Flash surveys – to answer the question: “What are other companies doing?”
  • After-Action and Hot Wash forums on lessons learned after crisis events with the opportunity for members to share insights, lessons learned and recommendations for improved practices in the immediate wake of events to enhance future planning.
  • Topic-focused threaded discussions / question and answer postings online

Face-to-face meetings facilitated and action-oriented peer-to-peer forums in:

  • Europe
  • The Americas
  • Asia

Expert network to access member insights and experience on selected issues with staff-facilitated access to key subject matter experts and other members’ insights and expertise.

International knowledge base with access to an online resource of best practices and lessons learned derived from member interaction/input and research by the Center's staff with access to lessons learned and best practice reports, case studies and white papers reflecting the Center’s focus on concrete solutions and strategies for identified challenges.

Targeted solutions and special projects with members choosing three joint projects annually as part of their membership with the opportunity to identify additional special projects as needed and supported.