Who We Are

Connecting Key Players

The Global Resilience Network (GRN) is a trusted network of preeminent international corporations and their senior professionals that collaborate on operational risks that threaten their global activities. They acknowledge the inter-dependencies of a globalized society and  also engage targeted stakeholders from critical infrastructure, NGO’s, government and cross national organizations. 

Integrating Key Capabilities, Insights and Resources The Global Resilience Network leverages the combined resources and capabilities of some of the world’s leading global organizations to develop concrete solutions and responses to shared risk-related challenges of our members. 

Elements of the GRN’s approach include:

• Real Time Situational Awareness from 100+ Global Cities on Critical Infrastructure Status, Public Safety Alerts, Weather, Public Health and more • Big Data Analysis on Global Data Streams • Leading Think Tank & Academic Research • Neutral Ground Convening Capacity • Subject Matter Expert Input on Key Risks & Challenges • On-the-Ground Operational Assessments Worldwide from Member Companies • Collective Experience of Senior Professionals from Leading Global Corporations • Communications & Collaboration Capacity • Special Projects Capability

A full Range of Capabilities & resources

Global Situational Awareness Platform for 100+ Cities (G-Sit)

Building on our initial year-plus deployment in the greater New York metropolitan region, we have developed G-Sit - our new global situational intelligence platform which is now currently operational in over 100 cities around the globe.

• Real-time status on public safety alerts, critical  infrastructure (power, communications, transit), weather, traffic, and more wherever available • Threat-specific monitoring dashboards   (e.g., infectious disease, terrorism) • Communications & collaboration capability  in development • Urgent event/quick response dashboards (e.g., Paris / Brussels Attacks)

Team of Dedicated Analysts for Research & Analysis

NYU InterCEP has a team of analysts focused on research on key threats, evolving incidents and to support the full range of virtual and in-person forums, additionally it leverages the resources of NYU, the largest private university in America as well as a wider network of independent experts.

• Dashboard Development and Monitoring (identifying information feeds, assessing reliability & usefulness, filtering information based on key words, location, etc.) • Monthly Threat Briefs on Key Risks (distilled from our Web Forums) • After-Action/Hot Wash Reports of Lessons Learned after crisis events • Annual Global Risk Digest • Corporate Benchmarking & Flash Surveys • Special Projects including Urgent Issue Research (e.g., Brexit) • Subject Matter Expert Sourcing

Global Situational Intelligence Platform (G-Sit)

Central to the Network’s efforts is its powerful Global Situational Intelligence Platform (G-Sit). The first of its kind, it is a human/technology hybrid for operational intelligence which connects vetted users across public and private sectors with critical information on the operating environment and enables active inter-organizational communications and collaboration. This platform monitors both the day-to-day operational environment as well as disruptions in real time. 

Customizable to your operations Participating organizations can opt to receive a customized G-Sit platform comprised of tailored information feeds, targeted corporate facilities/locations and integrated internal or corporate feeds on a special request basis. The platform is supported by the GRN’s team of researchers and experts to provide a seamless user experience. 

The Global Situational Intelligence Platform monitors over 100 cities worldwide.

Become A Member 

Global Resilience Network membership provides access to all activities, resources and services outlined above. Additionally, specifics with respect to the Global Situational Intelligence Platform include:

• Personal credentials for ten organization members • Access for two “Pro Users” per organization (capacity to customize dashboards and smart alerts for your firm) • Customization and Set-up of dedicated corporate platform by the GRN team of analysts (custom corporate dashboards reflecting your facilities and targeted risks – scope to be determined with each member) • Individual training for all organizational users on use and enhancement of platform  provided by GRN • Ongoing access to our technology and research analysts • GRN team rapidly develops event-specific information as major events unfold

For more information call +1- 646-997-4020 or email intercep@nyu.edu.