The Center supports effective practice of enterprise and operational risk management through a variety of educational and training outreaches. Programs can be offered throughout the world and delivered both face-to-face and virtually.

Relevant past initiatives of InterCEP and its staff include the following.

  • Urgent Threats Forum: Expert-lead briefings and frank senior leader roundtables are the hallmarks of INTERCEP’s annual Urgent Threats Forum. Since 2006, these forums have convened public and private sector leaders in New York, London, Florence, Singapore, and Berlin. While special focuses are tailored each year to address the most current challenges, the goal of the annual forum is to answer three key questions:

    • What are the threats?

    • What are their likely impacts?

    • What can we do individually and collaboratively to address these threats?

  • Regional Response to Infectious Disease Outbreak: An Urgent Forum: In partnership with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the Regional Response to Infectious Disease Outbreak: An Urgent Forum convened public health officials from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, as well as regional organizations in the field, to discuss how best to ensure that the best available data and science inform decisions about response to emerging infectious disease threats. Over 40 targeted officials attended and a summary report that captures key discussion points and next steps was produced.

  • Election Security Roundtable: In partnership with Deloitte, INTERCEP hosted Beyond the 2018 Midterm Elections: Security Lessons Learned & the Path Forward. Over 50 stakeholders representing local, state, and federal election officials and decision-makers, as well as academia and the non-governmental sector, participated in a roundtable meeting. The goal of the meeting was to provide an opportunity for experts and stakeholders to share experiences from the 2018 midterm election cycle and to discuss current and emerging risks and trends that impact election security.

  • Enterprise Risk Management Training for Critical Infrastructure: Conducted extensive industry needs analysis and developed targeted training program for initial delivery to the electric utility industry. This program integrated core elements of enterprise risk management with key U.S. federal preparedness initiatives including the National Response Framework and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

  • National Roundtable Series (30+ forums to date): Designed, developed and delivered an ongoing series of roundtable forums convening key stakeholders to evaluate specific challenges in resilience and to collaboratively develop solution strategies. Forums generally include briefing documents, facilitated discussion, consensus development and an iterative vetting process for proceedings and recommendations. Forums are held both face-to-face on the NYU campus as well as in an online web conference format.

  • International Public - Private Preparedness Forums: Designed, developed and delivered annual forums with senior leaders from G-8 governments and multi-national corporations addressing annual lessons learned, rising threats and strategic initiatives. This two-day event consisted of eight roundtables facilitated by the Center with vetted proceedings and follow-on activities.

  • Nineteen-Nation International ISO Workshops on Emergency Preparedness: Designed, developed and facilitated this international forum on identifying an international consensus on emergency preparedness at the request of ISO, the international organization for standardization.

  • FEMA Disaster Public Information Training & Table Top Exercises: Developed, hosted and facilitated this one-day training exercise, under contract with US FEMA Region II personnel.

  • Providing Private Sector Resources to Government in Aftermath of Hurricane: A Regional Roundtable Developed and convened Roundtable under contract and collaborating with FEMA Region II.

  • Business Continuity for Airport/Marine Port/IT Facilities During Hurricanes (Port Authority of NY/NJ): Designed, developed and delivered a series of three one-day integrated training and exercise sessions for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for its staff and its commercial tenants at the Port of New York, La Guardia Airport and the Teleport Facility.

  • International Safety & Security Conference: Two-day conferences focusing on organizational resilience. Managed program development, identification of subject matter experts and facilitation of program.

  • Nationwide Two-Day Business Preparedness Workshops on the National Preparedness Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management & Business Continuity: Developed course and managed course delivery and ongoing improvement. Course was delivered in 21 cities across the United States.

  • Business Emergency Response Team Train-the-Trainer Training: Developed and delivered training program which adapted U.S. FEMA Community Emergency Response Team program to private sector enterprises. Trained representatives from over 150 organizations through multiple offerings of this two-day program.

  • Organizational Emergency Preparedness & Continuity Workshops: Designed, developed and delivered a series of two-day workshops on business preparedness.

  • Safety Training And Resource (STAR) Program: Managed the development, delivery and ongoing coordination of a multi-course curriculum addressing worksite emergency management, safety and health. Approximately 12 one-day courses delivered annually to over 500 organizations.