View the November 2018 agenda here.

Expert-lead threat briefings and frank senior leader roundtables are the hallmarks of the annual Urgent Threats Forum. Since 2006, these forums have convened public and private sector leaders in New York, London, Florence, Singapore and Berlin.

The goal is to answer three key questions:

  1. What are the threats?

  2. What are their likely impacts?

  3. What can we do individually and collaboratively to address these threats?

Briefings include:

  • Benchmarking round of current and emerging threats

  • Cyber threats

  • Extreme weather and climate change impacts

  • Infectious disease

  • US Military briefing

  • Terrorism and bad actors

This invitation-only event engages:

  • International experts on current and emerging threats

  • Senior leadership from governments and NGOs

  • Corporate resilience, security, continuity, crisis management, and CSR leaders

Through targeted round tables and participant interaction the forum identifies threats and their drivers, and seeks to understand their impacts on both organizations and wider society. It also examines what can be done by our organization both individually and collaboratively.

Special cross-cutting focuses in 2018 included:

  • Developing a network of corporate security operations centers

  • Coordinating CSR and corporate community resilience efforts