Potential New Jersey Transit Disruption to Impact Metro new York Area

Per the agency, NJ TRANSIT Rail Operations faces the prospect of a system-wide shutdown should the membership of its rail union opt to participate in a work stoppage anytime from March 13th, 2016 onward.  This would result in the complete suspension of NJ TRANSIT rail service, affecting more than 160,000 customers who ride the system on a typical weekday.  In the event of such a stoppage, NJ TRANSIT has developed a contingency plan. You can read the press release here, the contingency plan here and stoppage boards here

For this potential disruption, the Metropolitan Resilience Network has developed dedicated Transportation Status Dashboards for its regional situational awareness platform, Metro-Ops.

If you are interested in becoming member of the network and gaining access to the Metro-Ops platform, please click here.  If you cannot access the link, please email us at intercep@nyu.edu with your request to participate. There is no cost for participation.