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LIVE Web Forum - India's Heat Wave: Lessons Learned for World Cities

August 7, 2015

Join us on Wednesday, August 19th, 11 am Eastern for a Global Resilience Network LIVE Web Forum:India's Heat Wave: Lessons Learned for World Cities

Meredith Connolly, Climate and Energy attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council's India Initiative on climate change and clean energy, will be leading the discussion.

Ms. Connolly will give a briefing on lessons learned in India's recent heat wave and the creation of the country's first heat resilience strategy.

Since 2011, Ms. Connolly has advanced clean energy, environmental health and climate adaptation policies in the U.S. and India within NRDC's International Program and Energy Program. She worked with local partners and international experts to develop and implement India's first heat resilience plan and early warning system for extreme heat to protect communities in the city of Ahmedabad. 

This event has ended.  You can read a summary of the web forum here.