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LIVE Web Forum - Ever Rising Tides: Projected Impacts of Sea Level Rise in Coastal Urban Areas

Join us on November 12th at 11:00 AM Eastern for a discussion on the impacts of sea level rise on cities by Dr. Michael Bruno, Dean at the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science.  

Dr. Bruno is the co-founder of multiple research centers of international importance at Stevens. Stevens has grown precipitously since Dr. Bruno came to the university in 1989, transforming from a storied teaching college into a research institute with global partnerships and critical facilities for study in the public interest. Along the way, Dr. Bruno has shown tremendous leadership ushering in the future while maintaining Stevens culture of intense student involvement and hands-on research opportunities for undergraduates. As Dean of the School and Engineering and Science, Dr. Bruno fosters curricula and research initiatives in the best interest of both students and the leading research faculty. 

This event has ended. You can read a summary of the web forum here