The Co-Lab Initiative 

Accelerating organizational collaboration

on shared risks and challenges

Co-Lab is a multi-disciplinary initiative engaging expertise university-wide to advance the theory and practice of multi-organization collaboration on shared risks and common challenges. 

Led by INTERCEP, the Co-Lab initiative seeks to distill the core factors and best practices of collaboration in our current social and technological environment. 

Through direct engagement with organizational stakeholders, collaborative networks can be developed and sustained as force multipliers to address key threats and other challenges as well as forward targeted opportunities. 

Co-Lab has a special focus on how the distinct elements of Smart and Connected Communities and related intelligent technologies can be leveraged to advance collaboration to achieve higher levels of safety and security, health and wellness and economic prosperity. 

Academic experts from the full spectrum of social sciences, professional studies and technology as well as organizational practitioners are engaged to widen the fundamental understanding and impactful practice of collaboration within and across organizations. 

Domains to be integrated include the social sciences (with a particular focus on human behavior), technology and data sciences and areas that reflect particular challenges such as risk management, environmental science/climate change, international relations, public health and public affairs. 

Outcomes & Deliverables:

  • Fundamental Insights on Collaboration on the foundational understanding of how organizations collaborate with each other on common threats and challenges

  • Strategies & Tools that enables and accelerate multi-organizational collaboration 

  • Direct Engagement & Support of diverse collaborative networks of organizations addressing shared risks and challenges